Microsoft Azure Sphere for IoT devices security
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Microsoft Azure Sphere for IoT devices security

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Aiming to secure edge devices, Microsoft is introducing a new Linux-based embedded OS and cloud service for microcontrollers. The solution named Azure Sphere comprises an Azure Sphere OS and certified microcontrollers alongside an Azure Sphere Security Service.

The Azure Sphere-certified microcontrollers have real-time and application processors with connectivity and custom security tech from Microsoft that is based on microcontroller security information from the Xbox. Microsoft has included a Pluton Security Subsystem in the secured multi-controllers that store private keys, execute cryptographic operations and more. The Azure Sphere Security Service helps authenticate, respond to threats, and inform about hardware and software failures. Connecting Azure Sphere device to Azure can offer telemetry data, messaging, access to Azure IoT Hub, and more. Developers can use Visual Studio Tools for Azure Sphere to write applications.

According to officials, Microsoft is developing an interface for its Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph available to customers and developers. And, for the provision of novel investigation and remediation capabilities with real-time risk assessments, the Microsoft Automated Threat Detection and Remediation capability are set to supplement its Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection service. To conclude, Microsoft's Azure Sphere can truly connect products at a price point that enables IoT at scale with security.

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