ClearDB: Robust Database Service for Modern Applications

Jeff Vogel, President & CEO
Five years ago when Microsoft wanted to empower its customers to rapidly deploy popular open-source web applications such as Wordpress, Drupal and Magento on the Azure cloud, it required the support of a MySQL database infrastructure solution that could accelerate and automate the end-to-end process–an area where ClearDB excels. ClearDB simplifies provisioning and maintaining databases in cloud through its Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS). With its ability to orchestrate, provision, and manage MySQL databases in the cloud, ClearDB’s DBaaS helps Microsoft’s customers quickly provision database assets for their customer-facing applications in Azure.

“Today, ClearDB reigns as the default engine for MySQL-based applications on the Azure platform,” says Jeff Vogel, President & CEO, ClearDB. The company delivers innovative database services for applications in various environments by focusing on three key areas: services framework, performance, and fault tolerance in a distributed environment.

ClearDB’s services framework is designed for cloud orchestration and provisioning in both an automated and self-service manner, giving customers an opportunity to thrive on cutting edge, high performing applications. Through its in-memory processing technology, ClearDB accelerates the performance of business applications, empowering companies to respond to increasingly demanding business requirements in real time. Fault tolerance, on the other hand, ensures high availability of the database across regions regardless of the operational challenges in the distributed data center environments. It runs on a geo-separated database cluster infrastructure that detects failures automatically and reroutes connections to available servers.

ClearDB provides single-tenant and multi-tenant database services to its wide client base,which ranges from large enterprises to individual developers.

“Over 200,000 developers leverage ClearDB’s database services to power the next generation of applications,” says Vogel. “We provide database services to help companies set up their database with less overhead by providing appropriate PaaS based on their business requirements.”

The company’s infrastructure for database services is being used across industries ranging from customer facing applications to IoT environments.

Over 200,000 developers leverage ClearDB’s database services to power the next generation of applications

One of ClearDB’s customer, an IoT company, had difficulty in managing the huge influx of newly generated data. Their challenge was to run the infrastructure with little resources and overhead and at high speed. By engaging ClearDB to tackle the issue, the customer has been able to lower their capex and workforce requirements as ClearDB implements initial setup, deployment, and management of the infrastructure.

ClearDB’s ability to provide redundant architecture, automatic failover, automated backups, backed by deep cloud expertise, has made it a popular choice among the Azure users.

“Our services for Azure is driving a huge amount of traffic to Azure,bringing valuable information to companies across industry verticals,” says Allen Holmes, VP Marketing, ClearDB.

While ClearDB is available in all the regions of Azure operations, the company is also focusing on expanding its database services across all the major cloud platforms including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Softlayer.

“We are also working with Salesforce’s Heroku to help them expand their offerings to their app developers on the AWS cloud,” says Vogel.

The company is working with various partners to allow their services to be either managed through MSPs or distributed through various channel partners to broaden the reach of its solutions. Its strategy also includes plans to go hybrid where companies can have ClearDB’s solutions deployed on-premise while still having the option of hosting the database solution on the cloud of their choice.

“For ClearDB, it’s not just about using technology to solve a business problem but to deliver engaging customer experience,” points Vogel.

With a team of experts having tremendous experience in mitigating increasing database complexities, ClearDB looks forward to help customers win in today’s digital economy.


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Jeff Vogel, President & CEO and Allen Holmes, VP Marketing

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