WinWire Technologies: Creating Richer, More Meaningful Cloud-based Digital Transformation

Ashu Goel, CEO
Providing IT solutions to enterprises as a Microsoft Managed partner, WinWire Technologies has built an enviable portfolio in the enterprise sphere over the years, all with a mission of “making information actionable,” describes Ashu Goel, CEO, WinWire. Formed in 2006, WinWire enables businesses to ride on the waves of paradigm shift, maximize use of information assets and analytics tools, embrace new technologies of the mobile-cloud driven world, and conquer disruption successfully through digital transformation.

The road to finding a one-size-fits-all answer in the process of assessing the type of cloud deployment that best suits an organization’s needs comes with its own challenges. “For some businesses, the thought of IT teams having to juggle the management of both a private and public cloud infrastructure is perhaps the most daunting element of adopting a hybrid environment,” says Goel. Having developed an efficient cloud-based structured process and accelerators for migrating existing on-premise applications seamlessly to Microsoft Azure with automated compatibility and optimization improvements, WinWire leverages that experience to help enterprises that are looking to adopt or extend their Azure platform utilization.

The application of IT solutions in business landscape is transforming numerous industries. Digital disruption has occurred in waves across different types of industry segments over the last three decades. To address this, WinWire helps business embark on the digital transformation journey by harnessing the power of cloud, mobility, analytics and IoT solutions.

“Evolving into a software-focused business is not about coded environment and software, it is irrelevant unless the transformation connects customers to the business,” says Goel. “It is, in fact, a mindset and strategy to drive innovations and discover, design, and deploy new digital experiences and business models. It is how an enterprise can remain competitive with digital transformation and subsequently, can gain uninterrupted speed or agility that is a flavor of software-driven or born digital companies.”

Utilizing cloud technologies to optimize IT through the Microsoft Azure platform, WinWire helps customers evaluate and address the exacting demands of today’s unpredictable environment.

Embracing the Power of Azure Cloud for Digital Transformation

“Our services are aligned to accelerate the delivery of the ultimate cloud offering, minimize key business risks, develop a sustainable long-term business model, and create market differentiation,” explains Goel. “In addition, our strong pool of over 40 Azure Certified Professionals provides us an edge over the competition in delivering cloud solutions on-time.”

Having delivered solutions to multiple Fortune 500 clients, WinWire enjoys a strong position in an area that is now considered to be the de facto standard for innovation in IT. Offering an “execution excellence” approach—a flexible blend of engagement, execution, and delivery models, “we believe in transforming business processes rapidly, on time and on target,” says Goel.

Creating a ‘cloud-first mobile-first solution’ built on Azure to track pet behavior and condition post-adoption for a pet rescue foundation “substantially improved the operational efficiency in maintaining pet and adopter information and led to an increase in the participation of adopters in providing feedback,” affirms Goel. Moreover, when an automotive and energy storage company was looking to redesign its system and align with the industry best practices to optimize their operational cost and ensure ease in compliance reporting, WinWire came up with a highly customizable Global Scheduling System using Azure and .NET with an ability to configure the scheduling process across Sales, Delivery, and Service of cars at their worldwide locations.

WinWire is on a mission to help clients become competitive by making their enterprises more intelligent through becoming adaptive, innovative, globally effective, and connected to their own customers. “We are making strides in achieving our strategic goal of transforming our service offerings into core competencies and increasing our market share by expanding our client base,” concludes Goel.

WinWire Technologies

Santa Clara, CA

Ashu Goel, CEO

WinWire Technologies, a leader in digital transformation leveraging IT solutions is focused on “Making Information Actionable” for businesses

WinWire Technologies