WinWire Technologies: Stitching the Digital Fabric through Systems of Intelligence

Ashu Goel, CEO
Since Gordon Moore’s famous prediction in 1965 while at Fairchild, computer processing speeds have indeed continued to grow exponentially. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs added applications and UX to the exponential growth story. Layer on Bezos, Page, and Zuckerberg, and suddenly Enterprise IT leaders, while still contemplating moving from Systems of Records (SoR) to Systems of Engagement (SoE), must deal with an explosion of technologies like Cloud, Mobility, Social Networks, Big Data, Analytics, IoT, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. This has quickly led to the next stage of technology evolution—Systems of Intelligence (SoI).

What are Systems of Intelligence?

The evolution of next-gen technology is widening the gap between legacy IT systems and modern infrastructure and application ecosystems, hampering organizations in their ability to keep up with the consequent changes in their markets. SoI gives Enterprise IT a flexible, service-oriented, platform to integrate people, devices, processes, and data.

This is where WinWire Technologies excels. Organizations that faced perennial challenges in continuous digital transformation leverage WinWire’s expertise to smoothly transition their obsolete architecture and applications to next-gen technologies built around SoI. “By leveraging Systems of Intelligence, we help enterprises stitch the digital fabric while taking into consideration both their legacy applications and the next-gen technologies so businesses can enhance performance and remediate problems faster,” substantiates Ashu Goel, CEO of WinWire Technologies. “This drives successive and renewed waves of efficiency and automation while reducing operating costs and increasing revenue.”

Building SoI on Azure

As an early adopter of Azure Cloud, IoT, Cortana Intelligence Suite, Dynamics 365, and Power BI, WinWire Technologies’ expertise in Azure’s latest tools and add-ons caters to the specific needs of organizations for digital transformation in a scalable and sustainable manner. They also design, develop, migrate, and integrate secure custom business applications that thrive in the Azure environment.

By leveraging Systems of Intelligence, we are helping companies enhance performance and remediate problems faster

“As far as project execution is concerned, we have over 50 certified Azure developers, architects, and advisory consultants who help enterprises in designing, migrating, and developing highly agile cloud applications, driving real business value and competitive advantage,” explains Goel.

One such project was a Global Scheduling System developed for an automotive company, whose IT infrastructure comprised of several disparate applications supporting multiple complex business processes. This caused several challenges—limited enterprise reporting, lack of mobility, inefficient resource management, and an inability to configure local settings across their global locations. WinWire designed and delivered a unified view of the customer using Azure and .NET; an integrated global scheduling system that could string together the sales, delivery, and service capacities across geographies. Among several other benefits, the client found savings opportunities due to effective synchronization, and more importantly, growth opportunities from single data repository reports and strategic insights.

Goel maintains that they develop such applications as custom solutions on PaaS or IaaS, since horizontal SaaS solutions fall short in terms of delivering unique value to each vertical. “These days, businesses are relying more on PaaS as it enables continuous software delivery and improvement, while quickly addressing the application development needs of heterogeneous use cases by leveraging common service layers and data architecture. “Gale-force winds generate a tremendous power but if you’re going to harness their energy you need the right equipment. The same applies to boosting your productivity power—you need the correct tools to shape your growth,” summarizes Goel.

WinWire Technologies

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Ashu Goel, CEO

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