20 Most Promising Azure Solution Providers - 2016

20 Most Promising Azure Solution Providers - 2016

There has been a paradigm shift in the development spectrum with the advent of cloud computing platforms. With capabilities powerful enough to design and build novel applications, Microsoft’s Azure platform has been helping developers, customers and users for more than half a decade now. A familiar and flexible environment to drive and support specific needs of the enterprise, Azure has today become synonymous with the term Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

The Azure platform provides a uniform experience as it enables developers and users develop or use innovative, modern applications on-premise or in the cloud.

Today, Azure is available in 141 countries, and supports 10 languages, all backed by Microsoft's huge investment in global datacenter infrastructure. The platform is continuously evolving, with a focus on operational excellence, high reliability, environmental sustainability, and cost-effectiveness for partners and customers worldwide. In addition, Microsoft has recently announced the Azure Bot Service preview. Built on Azure functions and a server-less compute service, this latest enhancement allows bots to scale on demand. The services can be leveraged by developers to build, deploy, connect, and achieve naturally-interacting intelligent bots. With such developments under progress, organizations require innovative Azure service and solution providers to realize the maximum benefits of this innovative cloud computing platform.

To help CTOs, CIOs, and CEOs find the right Azure solution provider, a distinguished selection panel, comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of CIOReview has selected a list of Most Promising Azure Solution Providers that exhibit innovative technologies, methodologies and customer service in this space.

We present to you CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Azure Solution Providers 2016.

Company Name

Company Description

10thmagnitude Helps businesses transform with innovative, cloud-based solutions that harness the power of Microsoft Azure
Akasia A cloud based service which helps companies do cloud mapping and cost modeling for their on-premise applications for moving to the cloud
Arterian Conducts Microsoft Azure implementations to enable organizations more freedom and functionality without the burden of purchasing expensive infrastructure
Ascend Secure Technology Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution Provider
Attunix Developing products and applications that enable their clients to consume and take action on the enormous amount of data surrounding their businesses today
C2S Technologies C2S’s offerings include cloud roadmap and strategy assessments, cloud application migration, azure managed services and IoT
Chainbridge Technologies Focusing on scientific and emergency response solutions, Chainbridge has over a 10-year track record of delivering mission-critical, operations-centric systems
ClearDB A company that provides smart cloud-driven database services for modern applications
CloudRoute Authorized Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) that provides the full suite of Azure
Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting A full service consulting company and Microsoft Gold Partner that provides seamless transitions from on-premise IT service to cloud-hosted operations
HubStor Offers customers with high capacity, hybrid cloud storage system with Azure Cloud
Interlink Cloud Advisors Provides system Integration services for Microsoft's cloud solutions, helping customers migrate to Azure.
MatrixForce Provides specialized services in Azure
Monza Cloud Provider of essential tools for application development and DevOps in the Azure cloud environment
MyCloudIT Provides Desktop Hosting Delivery platform in Microsoft Azure
Northwest Cadence Since 2007, Northwest Cadence has provided technology and business consulting and training for companies across the United States. Northwest Cadence helps companies find an edge, create momentum, and improve processes in the areas of Cloud PaaS/IaaS Infrastructure, Advanced Analytics IoT, and DevOps
Pepper Connecting clients with accurate information, and utilizing the power of deep data to allow them to make better, faster, and more profitable decisions
Phidiax A Microsoft Managed Gold Partner, Systems Integrator and solution provider of Microsoft Azure Cloud
TechSmith TechSmith is a software solutions company offering easy-to-use video and visual content creation tools
WinWire Technologies WinWire Technologies, a leader in digital transformation leveraging IT solutions is focused on “Making Information Actionable” for businesses